Bumps in the Road

It started so innocently, "I wonder what is under here?"

It has been a couple months since my last post. Let me catch you up.

Time for a new tarp!

I’ve been driving back and forth from Felton to Bishop and Independence so often that I’m starting to remember most of the huge, car-swallowing potholes, dips, bumps, and rough railroad crossings along the way. I’m not as nimble when pulling the big trailer, so I’ve hit a few – ouch! Sweetheart developed a shimmy in July and I thought she needed an alignment, which she did, but it was also time for new tires. Now she is all set.

Dropping off another trailer full of weeds at the dump

I turned my focus to beautifying the Felton house. Let me tell you, we’ve been busy beavers! All the manual labor has kicked up my metabolism a bit and I feel like a hungry, hungry hippo! Uh oh, I sound like I’m listing Ubuntu releases.

Jon and I set up a new automatic watering system, replaced rotten steps, and planted lots of ferns and a few other plants. By then, Sweetheart was fixed up, so I got 5 yards of redwood chips and spread them around the yard, made paths, made a couple dump runs with weeds (ivy, jasmine, and redwood suckers were overrunning our yard). Then I got 3 yards of pea gravel (I could only haul 1 yard at a time, since it weighs a ton a yard!) and spread it over the driveway.

We set up the solar sails, which was a project we’ve planned to do for a few years, but digging 4 foot deep holes for the posts sounded worse than it actually was. Jon fixed the rose gate and attached the mail box to one of the solar sail posts, so it won’t lean any more. I can’t count how many compliments on our yard that we’ve received from neighbors and walkers, so we must be doing something right!

Front yard coming along

Speaking of doing something right, we’re really glad that we take deep core strengthening classes with Lizzy via zoom a couple times a week, so we haven’t “strained our gizzards,” as my mom says. Thanks, Lizzy!

Better to have a closet than an extra, unused door

We’ve been fixing up the bathroom, kitchen, and deck and still are working on those.

Begone, ugly “contractor special” tile!

The delays for our dome plans and tiny house gave us much more time to fix up our Felton house, so while I’m impatient to be on the Eastside, it has certainly worked out.

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