Aviation Maintenance: Tailwheel, Etc.

New tailwheel head, cleaned up and repainted fork and wheel halves, and all the parts and pieces ready for assembly.

While doing a walk-around of the Maule, I noticed a rather unfortunate crack in the tailwheel head. The bright side was that the airplane was down for some long-term maintenance anyways (avionics/instruments upgrade, described elsewhere), so I could fix this at my leisure. And, due to the rather extended downtime caused by the avionics upgrade… Continue reading Aviation Maintenance: Tailwheel, Etc.


Grover gives the Catio a Curly Tail of Approval!

Our cats love their outdoor space! An additional 46 square feet of play space is a huge addition to our 388 square feet interior (including lofts)! It is pretty cute to see Ziggy’s fur get fluffed by the breezes. Patina loves to hunt the birds and moths, but they are safe from her murderous intentions.… Continue reading Catio!

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Wildflowers 2022

The views along my favorite running route this spring take my breath away!

I want to share some photos of the beautiful flowers we’ve seen in the mountains this spring. My eyes have been so happy! If you notice any errors in my identifications, please let me know. I still have a lot to learn!

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Ice Cream, Manzanar, Gardening & End of the Inyos Season

We're lucky with sunsets over here!

The seasonal ice cream parlor opened up in Independence at the end of March! It is run by a cool couple who make their own dairy and non-dairy ice creams. They have classic flavors but also very fun flavors like Apricot, Honey-Lavender, Rose with Pistachios, and Peanut Butter Cup. We go at least once a… Continue reading Ice Cream, Manzanar, Gardening & End of the Inyos Season

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4 L.F. Library

"Just pick out a book and sit down, so I have a lap," says Ziggy

It continues to be a fun puzzle to best utilize the built-in storage our tiny house has, as well as add our own personal touches. Our books have a new home on the 4′ long 2×8 shelf Jon designed and installed. We really pared down the books to have on hand before we moved. They… Continue reading 4 L.F. Library

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Happy Holidays

Desert sunsets are desserts for the eyes

I feel relieved to have finished with the old house and to begin the next phase of our lives. I packed my car with the final load, handed the keys to our realtor, said some goodbyes, and drove to Independence right before a big winter storm hit. Then I was cozy in the tiny house… Continue reading Happy Holidays

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Precious Cargo

Planes, Cats, and Automobiles

We had two back-to-back trips to the tiny house recently with very precious cargo: Jon’s airplane and then our cats. Jon has been so busy with work and other things the past couple years, that he hasn’t had time to finish his Maule repairs and it is currently not airworthy, so we decided to tow… Continue reading Precious Cargo

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Whirlwind Work

Working kitties use ladders

Okay, okay. I haven’t written a blog post for over 2 months. Here’s what we’ve been up to: For the Felton House We finished revamping the bathroom, which involved tearing the old shower out, leveling the floor, installing new backer board, tiles, faucets, tub, and shower door. Our original tub had a crack in it,… Continue reading Whirlwind Work