We Have Water!

We have running water! We have better pressure than this- the testing cone is restricting the flow, haha!

We have running water on our property now!

Mr. Famous

Jon was interviewed about our dome building adventure for an article in the New York Times and then a San Francisco TV station KRON!

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West-African-Inspired Peanut Stew

Many moons ago, the Army sent me to Ghana for three months (this is me getting on the plane to go home: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/6604120). While there, aside from doing Army things, I got a chance to explore a bit of the local cuisine. So when we were pondering our weekly menus recently, I suggested a groundnut… Continue reading West-African-Inspired Peanut Stew

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New Plan – 2023

Hey, remember this dome from previous posts?

After a couple years of waiting for our main dome home and garage plans, we decided to start with a small, pre-designed house plan so we can get on our property, already!

Some Fediverse Notes (with some cat pictures because no one likes a wall of text)

"Um, hai."

Social media, as it’s called nowadays, hasn’t been fun in a long time, and I haven’t participated in a long time because of that. I used newsnet quite a bit back in the day (you can still find lots of my old posts on comp.sys.hp48), and of course, I’ve used IRC as well. I even… Continue reading Some Fediverse Notes (with some cat pictures because no one likes a wall of text)

Happy Holidays 2022

The view from Owens' Point, our first peak of the year

Hello to everyone and I hope you’re all healthy and having a cozy holiday season! We are still snug in our tiny house trailer in Independence.

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