Interior Wall Beginnings

Framing the interior walls has been challenging and slow due to the multitude of non-90 degree angles. We have to think in 3-D, which isn’t easy for me. Good for our brains, I guess. We do a lot, a lot, a lot of measuring and Jon usually sketches out the angles, sometimes compound, for each… Continue reading Interior Wall Beginnings

Dome Triangles

All the triangles of 3/4″ plywood sheathing for our 2 Natural Spaces Domes kits arrived precut and color coded. It was great! Both our domes are large for a 2 frequency (2v) dome, so the triangles came in 2 or 3 pieces that fit together with tongue and groove. The Dome Manual recommended starting with… Continue reading Dome Triangles

Dome Raising

I am so excited to announce that our geodesic dome struts, which form the triangle framework, are up!!! It looks awesome here!!! A few days before pouring the patio and greenhouse piers, Hardcore helped us move the extremely heavy riser walls and other prebuilt components from where we’ve been storing them in the cage to… Continue reading Dome Raising


Of all the utilities we need for living on our property, power was the biggest project and took the longest. We began moving dirt for our solar array August 12 after our Temporary Power plans were approved, and turned our power on December 21. We began by grading the pad for the solar array. We’re… Continue reading Power!

Septic System

Back when we were extending the main water line to our property and rented the mini-excavator, I asked the county’s Environmental Health Department if I could dig the hole for the septic tank. They were quite busy this summer and hadn’t approved or commented on my septic permit yet. They said, yes, we could dig… Continue reading Septic System

We Have Water!

We have running water! We have better pressure than this- the testing cone is restricting the flow, haha!

We have running water on our property now!