New Plan – 2023

Hey, remember this dome from previous posts?

After a couple years of waiting for our main dome home and garage plans, we decided to start with a small, pre-designed house plan so we can get on our property, already!

Some Fediverse Notes (with some cat pictures because no one likes a wall of text)

"Um, hai."

Social media, as it’s called nowadays, hasn’t been fun in a long time, and I haven’t participated in a long time because of that. I used newsnet quite a bit back in the day (you can still find lots of my old posts on comp.sys.hp48), and of course, I’ve used IRC as well. I even… Continue reading Some Fediverse Notes (with some cat pictures because no one likes a wall of text)

Happy Holidays 2022

The view from Owens' Point, our first peak of the year

Hello to everyone and I hope you’re all healthy and having a cozy holiday season! We are still snug in our tiny house trailer in Independence.

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Ten Lakes Basin Through Trip

My third backpacking trip of the year was an overnight through the 10-Lakes area in Yosemite. I’ve wanted to check this area out for years.

Aviation Maintenance: Tailwheel, Etc.

New tailwheel head, cleaned up and repainted fork and wheel halves, and all the parts and pieces ready for assembly.

While doing a walk-around of the Maule, I noticed a rather unfortunate crack in the tailwheel head. The bright side was that the airplane was down for some long-term maintenance anyways (avionics/instruments upgrade, described elsewhere), so I could fix this at my leisure. And, due to the rather extended downtime caused by the avionics upgrade… Continue reading Aviation Maintenance: Tailwheel, Etc.


Grover gives the Catio a Curly Tail of Approval!

Our cats love their outdoor space! An additional 46 square feet of play space is a huge addition to our 388 square feet interior (including lofts)! It is pretty cute to see Ziggy’s fur get fluffed by the breezes. Patina loves to hunt the birds and moths, but they are safe from her murderous intentions.… Continue reading Catio!

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