Alath! Delays are dithpicable!

Oh dear! I read the County code and thought all this time that we could work on the temporary power, water, and septic before we had a building permit from the Building Department. Septic is approved by a different department, Environmental Health, and it isn’t spelled out that we can’t get started on that stuff… Continue reading Delay

So much Code!

Reading code is the new duSaint pasttime

Planning for our dome is apparently our latest hobby. Jon and I have been spending many hours studying the California Building Standards Code, so we can correctly plan and build our dome. Actually, to quote Dennis Johnson of Natural Spaces Domes, “If you build a house to code, then you just built the worst house… Continue reading So much Code!

Virtual Dome School

The nice, thick dome construction manual

As I’ve written in previous posts, we’re working with Natural Spaces Domes to design our house and garage. They provide kits and construction manuals and building support. They also provide Dome School twice a year. Jon and I traveled to Minnesota in 2017 to attend Dome School in person. It was great to have hands-on… Continue reading Virtual Dome School

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Site Plan

Jon measuring out the dome exterior

Jon and I discussed where we want the buildings, driveway, and solar array and I drafted a site plan. We like the idea of having the house and detached garage in the middle of the lot, so we can have a buffer from our neighbors. I also want space to create a fire break along… Continue reading Site Plan

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Summer 2017: Birthday, Reunion, Family, Domes, Wedding, Oh My!

Jon at Dome School

I sat down specifically to write about Dome School, but when I looked at our photos, I remembered that we went on three major summer trips in 2017! In June, we went camping near Bishop, CA. In July, we went to Alaska, and in August we had a multi-legged trip to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Utah.… Continue reading Summer 2017: Birthday, Reunion, Family, Domes, Wedding, Oh My!

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The Plan

Around 2 years from now, we’ll be living in our freshly built dome home in Starlite, above Bishop. But how are we going to get there? What’s the plan? House We are going to build a house kit made by Natural Spaces Domes. First, we will work with that company on the floorplan, which will… Continue reading The Plan

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Land in Bishop

Land on the west side of Starlite

Jon and I found a vacant lot we love in Bishop! It is in the Starlite area, which is 3 miles west of downtown Bishop. If you are a rock climber, you will know it as the community of lucky ducks who live close to the Buttermilks. Friends, we get to be lucky ducks! We… Continue reading Land in Bishop

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