Grover gives the Catio a Curly Tail of Approval!

Our cats love their outdoor space! An additional 46 square feet of play space is a huge addition to our 388 square feet interior (including lofts)! It is pretty cute to see Ziggy’s fur get fluffed by the breezes. Patina loves to hunt the birds and moths, but they are safe from her murderous intentions. Grover enjoys having another warm place to chill out.

I planted snap peas in containers around the perimeter because I thought it would be neat to let them climb the cage. The peas didn’t do well, but then I read that cats can get sick from pea greens, so I replaced them with safe sunflowers.

It is so dry here that I don’t worry about the old cat trees getting wet. Maybe I’ll put a tarp over the top in the winter- super classy!

Next on the list is a shade cloth for the top because it gets pretty hot in the afternoons. We’ll also fashion a kitty door, so they can come and go as they please without letting bugs in. (The bugs never let themselves out.)

Hanging out in the catio is way better than getting vet check-ups!
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