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dome manual
The nice, thick dome construction manual

As I’ve written in previous posts, we’re working with Natural Spaces Domes to design our house and garage. They provide kits and construction manuals and building support. They also provide Dome School twice a year.

Jon and I traveled to Minnesota in 2017 to attend Dome School in person. It was great to have hands-on instruction, dome building theory, tours of the 5 domes on their property, as well as our questions answered. Dennis and Tessa are gracious hosts and the NSD staff are very friendly.

During the pandemic, NSD has offered Dome Tours on youtube and Dome Talks on zoom. They held a virtual Dome School last weekend, so Jon and I took it as a refresher course.

Fiberglass insulation triangle, from the Natural Spaces Domes website

It was great to relearn some important points like where to put the vapor barrier, ventilation options, tricks such as how to cut the insulation triangles, different coating options for skylight glass, the general pattern for roofing a dome to make sure it won’t leak, and making sure the flashing around skylights is installed properly.

Dennis and Derek continue to learn the healthiest construction products and green energy practices and share that knowledge at Dome School. They highly recommend the latest research and recommendations of the Building Science website.

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