Land in Bishop

Starlite land
Land on the west side of Starlite

Jon and I found a vacant lot we love in Bishop! It is in the Starlite area, which is 3 miles west of downtown Bishop. If you are a rock climber, you will know it as the community of lucky ducks who live close to the Buttermilks. Friends, we get to be lucky ducks!

Starlite views
View of Mt. Tom and the Buttermilks from the edge of Starlite

We were originally looking for a little old house in downtown Bishop. This parcel has breathtaking views and is in a tremendous location for outdoor fun of all kinds.

Starlite from above
Starlite from above

Building a house will take 1-3 years and will be so much work. “House,” you say, “Didn’t you guys attend Dome School in MN a few years ago?” Yes, we did! We get to build a dome home from a kit made by Natural Spaces Domes! It will be the largest tinker toys Jon and I have ever played with!

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