Links of Mine

Since this is, after all, my web page, I'll start with links to me.

Wikipedia entry about the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome
I put this page up when I realized there was no such info. Not the greatest page, but it's my small contribution.
Summitpost entry for the Tungsten Hills
I put this up after bagging both of the peaks with registers. I wanted to sign the online "summit register", too, but there wasn't a page, so I made one.

Other Links

I wouldn't want anyone to get the impression that I only surf my own pages.

High quality topos for many classic climbs. Also a good way to figure out which routes to avoid during the summer.
A great site with loads of information on mountains around the world. A great many highly knowledgeable people post here. The signal to noise ratio tends to be fairly high.
John Middendorf's Big Wall Page
Need I say more?
Tuan's Mountaineering Page
Tons of trip reports, info, and pictures.
Big Wall
Beta, pictures, trip reports.
Karl Baba's homepage
Climber, guide, and photographer who lives in Yosemite.
Fish Products
Because I, too, feel naked without Fish gear on my rack.
Iron Maiden
Can't get much better than Maiden.
Electric Six
These cats are just plain awesome.
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